About Joe²

We are a family-owned, Baltimore-bred, award-winning restaurant and bar for people who love food, drink, music, art and community.

Our two locations in Station North and the Inner Harbor feature signature dishes like coal-fired, thin-crust sourdough pizza and 25 varieties of risotto.  Read our latest review in the Baltimore Sun.

See you there!


Inner Harbor

(410) 962-5566
30 Market Place, Baltimore
Mon-Tues 11am – 5pm (winter hours)
Wed 11am–9pm
Thurs 11am–11pm
Fri-Sat 11am–1:30am
Sun 11am–9pm

Please call ahead for evening hours.

Station North

(410) 545-0444
33 West North Ave, Baltimore
Sun-Tues 11am–12am (kitchen closes 10pm)
Wed 11am–12am (kitchen closes 11pm)
Thurs 11am–2am (kitchen closes 12am)
Fri-Sat 11am–2am (kitchen closes 1am)

New Location. Same Vibe.

We have moved to a new location in Station North just down the street. 33 West North Ave features a music hall and party room, two bars, lots of art and tons of seating. Big windows. Pretty bathrooms. Thanks to all our patrons for making this very necessary move possible.

Catering & Private Parties

We would love to bring Joe Squared to you. We cater all occasions from business meetings to parties. We have a special catering menu with pricing and service that makes all your events easy as pie (pun intended).

We also rent out both our venues including our new party room at Station North.   Contact us about your next event.

April Specials

broccoli and capicota pizza

Broccoli and Capicola Pizza
With roasted garlic cream, caramelized onion, fresh mozzarella, pecorino romano, and finished with lemon oil.
10″ – $18 / 12” – $20 / 14” – $23 / 16” – $26

primavera pizza

Primavera Pizza
With roasted garlic cream, mushrooms, carrot, red onion, asparagus, peas, mozzarella, parmesan, and finished with pesto oil.
10” – $17 / 12” – $19 / 14” – $22 / 16” – $26

spca pizza

SPCA Pizza
With butternut squash cream, roasted red peppers, artichoke, fresh mozzarella, ricotta and basil.
10” – $18 / 12” – $20 / 14” – $23 / 16” – $26
Located in Hampden, the Maryland SPCA improves the lives of pets and people in our community. Please join us on Sunday, April 24 at Druid Hill Park for our biggest event of the year, the March for the Animals. Proceeds help thousands and thousands of pets find loving homes each year. 

andouile white bean soup

Andouille and White Bean Stew
with sour cream and chives.
Cup $5 / Bowl $9

pepperencini and parmesan wing

Pepperoncini and Parmesan Wings

shrimp bacon skins

Shrimp and Bacon Potato Skins
With caramelized onions, Swiss, crispy garlic, and chives.
Small $5 / Large $9

asparagus salad

Asparagus, Feta, and Mint Salad
Tossed in a honey-Dijon dressing, over arugula.
Small $9 / Large $15

asparagus lemon risotto

Asparagus and Lemon Risotto
Roasted garlic cream, asparagus, lemon zest, soy beans, parmesan, and tarragon. Small $9 / Large $16



Green Beans and Bacon with shallot, tomato, bacon, rosemary, cider vinegar, and olive oil. Finished with crispy garlic.


Asparagus and Prosciutto with garlic, Vidalia onions, fennel, thyme, and olive oil. Finished with balsamic glaze.


Broccoli and Soppressata with roasted garlic, caramelized onions, roasted red peppers, and soppressata. Finished with crushed pinenuts.


Thursday, April 21


The pizza is nutritious,
the beers are cold.
The risotto is delicious,
and so is the music.

Mother’s Oven – 9pm
Slow Lights – 10pm

Friday, April 22


The Second installment of the new cultural event series RESIDENCE features a very special guest coming straight out the Thunderzone, the one, the only JUICEBOXXX!

W/ support by Baltimore’s own The Sneaks, DJ Mark Brown, & Stevepossible.

Saturday, April 23


WORLDS SCARIEST POLICE CHASES (Pittsburgh) A-F Records / Lock & Key Collective / Phat Wreck Chords

BARONS (Pittsburgh) Underground Communique Records


Monday, April 25


Kristen Ford delivers a high energy set of indie rock. She lives for live performance, her passion and charisma shining forth on stage both solo or with her band. Her hooks will linger in your mind, blending genres from folk to reggae to rock.

Thursday, April 28


Victory Dance is a New York based Alt-Pop band.  At its core, Victory Dance is the “give no shits” attitude of 5 guys who just play great music.

Friday, April 29



Station North Art Show| Young Vo


Baltimore Artist and Animator Young Vo uses his pen for drawing – not writing.  Pictures were an easier alternative for communication.  Lines, shapes and colors replaced nouns, verbs and punctuations.  Images became his grammar and composition. He submerged himself in art and learned the subtleties of the visual language.  His art is about having a conversation with the viewer on a variety of subjects.


Power Plant Live Art Show Libby Format

libby 1


“This body of work is comprised of small studies, or experimental pieces of art that preface new works. In previous years, I rarely was able to find time to experiment with my materials, which makes these pieces all the more special. In some cases I return to these pieces and draw back into them, completing an otherwise incomplete work. The result is a collection of fun, expressionistic drawings.”