Kevin Brown & Rob Zunikoff Photo Show

Both of their work can be seen at JOE SQUARED throughout October.


Kevin Brown -
Kevin is 26 year old photographer from Baltimore MD, graduated from Towson University with my BFA in Photography in 2015.
Kevin's work aims to find allure in things that aren't always considered "pretty." The lines, textures, and landscapes of Baltimore's infrastructure have always fascinated him.

Rob Zunikoff-
Rob demonstrated a creative spirit as a small child. He loved to draw pictures based on the comic books and magazines he read, and he dreamed of becoming a filmmaker when he grew up.
As an adult, Rob rekindled his artistic passions by taking up pastel and oil painting. In 2010, he began to use the medium of photography to create vibrant digital art.
The colorful landscapes of Baltimore City and Baltimore County often serve as muses for his work.