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Chef Joe profiled in Baltimore Sun

Joe Squared Named one of the Top 20 Favorite Pizzas in the Nation by Food Nation.

What do you get when you put chicken, apple, corn, Vidalia onion, crushed red pepper flakes, and three cheeses on a thin crust dough? The most American pizza ever made. Thanks, Joe.”

One of the Nation’s Top Pizzas by Food Network Magazine
“After a thorough and exhaustive search for the best pizza in America, you have been chosen by the editors of Food Network Magazine as having the tastiest pizza in your state!…Eating at this alterna-pizzeria is a full-blown sensory experience, with live music, art exhibitions and the main attraction: square, thin-crust sourdough pizza, often topped with ingredients from a nearby greenhouse. The best pie is this tricolor pizza, a tribute to the Italian flag, with three cheese-and-sauce combos: red sauce with five cheeses; white garlic sauce with mozzarella, cheddar and ricotta; and green pesto with fresh mozzarella.”

There’s more than killer pizza to recommend this North Avenue institution… article by Mary Zajaac and photo by Sam Holden in City Paper.

Best Pizza, Reader’s Poll
City Paper
Best of Baltimore, Best Pizza
City Paper
“We didn’t take this category lightly. We ran all over town sampling pies and burning the hell out of the roof of our mouths. But we realized, as we bit into each and every slice, we were always comparing them to Joe Squared. Mmmm, this barbecue chicken pizza is good, we thought. But not quite as good as Joe Squared’s. Somewhere along the way this Station North haunt with its nonround view on pizza has become the yardstick by which we measure all others. And that’s simply because its pizza is so damn good–thin but never soggy crust, ingredients that are always fresh and packed with flavor. The specialty pizzas are inventive, to say the least–we still haven’t been brave enough to sample the Irish pizza–but more straightforward choices like the margherita are equally revelatory. It seems we’ve gone Squared, and there’s no going back.”

“The Joe Squared pizza that was delivered to our home was the best pizza that has ever been delivered to our home… This city has long needed a kick-ass pizza delivered to its door. “ Baltimore City Paper

“…raises pizza and subs to the level of high art.” Baltimore Sun

“It arrived just when the person had told us it would: one hour later. (Well, it was during the game.) I like that. And I loved the pizza itself: thin, charred crust, not too heavy topping. Of course, it suffered from delivery, but nothing getting stuck in the oven at 300 degrees wouldn’t fix. However, I can see this is definitely not a pizza for everyone.” Dining@Large

”Monster-sized square pizzas with stellar ingredients and fresh herbs on tasty thin crusts….” Baltimore City Paper

“Joe Squared invites you to think outside the sauce-and-cheese covered box to consider adornments such as turkey, scallops, tofu, avocado or brie… Subs get the same treatment as pizza – standards like cheesesteak or meatball, unusual options like calamari parmigiana and a New York-style Reuben. Mealworthy salads are exercises in culinary creativity.” AOL City Guide

“His pizza is square, thin, and as delicate as a soda cracker. With a pink scrim of tomato sauce and dainty pools of fresh mozzarella, the basic Margherita is closer in spirit to the real Neapolitan thing than anyone should ever expect on North Avenue… many pizzaphiles consider these pies among the city’s finest.” Urbanite

“Eccentricity shows both in the building’s colorful look and in such weird-but-delicious creations as alligator fritters and Buffalo wings with spicy chocolate-walnut sauce. The thin-crusted pizzas come in both standard and creative varieties, and Joe’s kitchen also turns out salads, pastas, panini and an array of classy, and surprisingly affordable, risottos.”

“Just returned from yet another satisfying meal at Joe Squared…Joe Squared serves a thin crust, square pizza with fresh and unique toppings. The signature pizzas are innovative, but if you want to create your own pizza, you can be as traditional or creative as you like. Bottom line: fantastic pizza.” 451 Press

“If you want to be a serious rum drinker, you need to know about Joe Squared…. (Oh, and did we mention that the place serves up some damn fine pizza, too?)” Baltimore Magazine

“The large-format square pizzas are noteworthy for their thin crusts and creatively devised specialty toppings: an Irish pizza with corned beef, caramelized onions, mozzarella, and Swiss; a chicken, corn, and apple version with Granny Smiths and Vidalias; another with meatballs and spaghetti.” Baltimore City Paper

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